Ceremonies and Special Beach Weddings by Rev. Allen Lincoln Weddings in Southwest Florida


Beautiful Ceremonies & Wonderful Add-Ons

Butterfly or Dove Release Ceremony

Celebrate your joy through the sudden fluttering of 12 Monarch butterflies; or make your day magical with two white doves you hold and release from a basket!



Conch Horn Ceremony, Inscribed Heirloom Gift

Queen Conch Shell is blown beautifully to announce your marriage to the world! Then, it is presented to you as a special inscribed heirloom to cherish for years.

Unity Sand Vase Ceremony, with keepsake vases and stand

Symbolize the gift of marriage in this beautiful take-home metaphor. Each of you pour different colored sand into a unifying heart-shaped bottle. Children from previous relationships may participate and express their joining as well!

Unity Candle Ceremony

A powerful visual blessing by your family of origin, or of your uniting to one another. Indoor or outdoor. Inscribed keepsake heirlooms available—ask for pricing.
  from $35.00  

Handfasting  Ceremony / Fisherman's Knot Ceremony

This ancient tradition has become popular once again! Show your unity with the ties that bind! Keepsake ceremonial white rope is wrapped around your clasped hands as part of or after your vows.  Or, two chords are tied together in uniquely symbolic knot, creating the perfect image of two becoming one.
Memorial Candle

Show appreciation of a loved one who has left this earth; symbolically honor their presence at your wedding through this beautiful lit candle & vase. Take-home candle keepsake with inscription & photo of beloved available--ask for pricing options.

Blended Family Ribbon Ceremony


Celebrate the new family, not just the couple! Silk ribbons held by the different
children, then tied as one ribbon held by everyone in the family.


Sparkling Drink Ceremony, with keepsake flutes 

  A classic “pop” and pour of the bottle right at the end of the marriage service. Themed inscribed Bride and Groom keepsake flutes provided. 



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